The Mystery?

Why does Postural Integration and Alignment help the body to heal?

Posture Alignment basically means the body works WITH gravity of the earth

Gravity is the magnetic and electrical forces of earth to keep us upright and if the body is aligned the life force the body needs for optimum health, flow flows through us

It influences our whole being, body, mind, mental, physical and certainly spiritual as well.

STAYING IN ALIGNMENT is one sure way of creating a more frequent residence in the higher realms. We will align, then, with what we are about and how we are “vibrating.” This is one way of being in alignment

But with the on-going shake-ups that our evolutionary process creates, we can easily find ourselves in states that feel very contrary to being aligned!

Deep body work and deep tissue massage release are one off the best methods to align the body

When misalignment takes place it creates pain and many problems in the body. When alignment breaks between body and mind, there is pain

Structural integrity and energetic informational integrity go hand in hand . The integrated body can accomplish a multitude of tasks and carries them out simultaneously effortlessly and joyously

I have become passionate about the Psoas muscle and its functions and influence on the body and also the Piriformis muscle as it is closely connected to the psoas

The Mighty Psoas within

Greek: Psoa, the muscles of the lions
And Latin major, larger
Flexes the hip; is a major postural muscle

This mighty muscle has a profound influence upon our well-being

The Psoas is a forgotten muscle. Very few people even know they have this mighty muscle within and if this is waken up in a client they feel the INNER SUPPORT WHICH SO MANY PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR

This mighty muscle has a profound influence upon our well-being

At the very core of your physical body lies a muscle that influences every aspect of well-being. The psoas muscle, critical for balance, alignment, joint rotation and range of motion, also influences the circulatory system, the functioning of organs and diaphragmatic breathing.

The only muscle to link the lumbar spine to the legs, it is a dynamic psoas that massages your vertebrae, viscera and organs with every walking step

Tensegrity and Gravity vs health and wellbeing

Tensegrity is an architectural principle developed in 1948 by R Buckminster Fuller.

Our bodies work very much the same way

Tendons are represented as coils

Each coil has the capability of converting energy from one to the other
Because the living tissue is an elastic tensegrous
Semi conducting continuum, any form of energy can be readily absorbed and conducted from one area to another

The tensegrity concept underlie geodesic domes tents sailing vessels stick and wire sculptures toy models and cranes
It is an architectural principle
Tensegrity also provides a valuable perspective for therapists who work with the body from a structural state
It provides a link between structural systems of the body and the energy and informational systems of the body

This will help you to understand why touch heals the body

This concept also explains the ability of the body to absorb impacts without being damaged

As strain in one area of the body affects the whole body, an improvement will also radiate outward
This explains why if bodywork is done further from the specific painful area, the painful area will benefit as the living tensegrity system is a Continuous semiconductor vibratory network

Since this system is simultaneously a mechanical and vibratory continuum, restrictions in one part have both structural and energetic consequences for the entire organism

Structural integrity and energetic informational integrity go hand in hand

Tensegrity also work as one unit with GRAVITY
Tensegrity is the polar opposite of gravity
Simple mechanical calculations reveal that gravity gives rise to surprisingly large forces within the body
Illness is a sign of a body out of alignment, pulled down by the forces of gravity so the tensegrity concept lifts the body back up
It is a dance of the body and forces of the earth. When the body aligns with gravity the tensegrity concept can flow from one cell to another

Fear grief trauma and anger each have a pose and pattern of movement and has its own body language

If an individual continues to dramatize an emotional situation the physical body becomes set in a psychological pattern

This affects the respiration and the spine which in turn affects the whole being Breath is a gift of life, our inheritance from God
No amount of discussion thought or mental suggestion can change this pattern
To escape from chronic fear anger grief, the physical tone of the muscles and structure in relation to gravity must be changed
With Postural Integration and alignment and the way of the healing deep touch the body eases back into alignment, in line with gravity and the tensegrous concept with muscles in balance

The imbalance from physical or emotional trauma lead to a whole realm of chronic problems for which conventional medicine has little to offer
An example is to consider the relation of the head to gravity and usually for various reasons we hold the head forward with the cervical spine bent
Less nourishment reaches the brain and affects various systems in the brain and now we have digestive complaints stomach aches headaches and so on
The body’s fundamental pattern or inherited form is specifically designed to enable us to function with and in the field of gravity
The body and the mind are one, and both are the home of the soul (Prasado Munch .Rebalancing and deep tissue massage)


Tensegrity and gravity vs health and wellbeing.pdf Click to download
Renaissance Magazine jun/jul 06
Energy medicine the scientific basis James L Oschman
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