Research has proven that there is a direct correlation between good low back tissue elasticity and injury prevention.


Note: On my website I have written an article on these muscles as well. (Leonie)

Piriformis Stretch:

To perform this stretch, lie on your back and cross the legs so that the left ankle rests on the right knee. Grab the back of the right knee with both hands and pull so that the right foot comes off the ground. When this side is done, switch legs. Complete this stretch for two sets of 30 seconds on each side.

Spinal Erectors Stretch:

Other areas that are crucial to low back flexibility are the spinal erectors located on each side of the spine in the lower back area. Tightness here can make it painful to do almost anything because they are postural muscles that never rest. To perform this stretch, sit in a chair with hips all the way back in the chair. With both hands, reach for the toes, and bring the torso closer to the legs. If flexibility limits touching the toes, go until you feel slight discomfort for two sets of 30 seconds. If sharp stabbing pain is felt, discontinue stretch immediately.

Laziness, tiredness, and passivity are also tricks of the ego. If you are just too ‘tired’ to make a change you stay stuck in your current, more limited view of the world – your small piece of consciousness is running the show while you mistakenly believe it is a true representation of reality. “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you are tired,” said Jules Renard. If you don’t exert any effort at all, you can be sure your spiritual path with stagnate.

Hiding your real feelings about a situation is often the work of the ego. If you can’t communicate honestly and openly, the ego gets to use all sorts of manipulative mind-games to keep you playing games with yourself and your partner, friend, boss, etc. You become stubborn, unwilling to change, and more interested in defending your unspoken truth, than expressing it. The ego will have you believe that telling the truth will humiliate you, but the old saying is true, ‘the Truth will set you free.’Christina Sahrish


Postural Integration – Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postural_Integration In the process he became increasingly interested in integrating influences and aspects from these different approaches into an effective and coherent method of personal growth, self-development and healing, which by the seventies led to the development of a form of holistic bodywork he called Postural Integration, stat…

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