My Profile

1971:   Qualified as Diagnostic Radiographer with University of Pretoria and practiced as Radiographer in Training hospitals in Pretoria and Johannesburg for 11 years

30/06/1975: Experienced giving life and became a Mother

15/11/1998 Certificate in craniosacral  therapy and breath work. Soft energy adjustments

19/11/1999 Certificate in advanced Metaphysical healing skills from the Academy for metaphysical studies with Katharine Lee

27/02/2000  Reiki Master, Usui   From Health and life enrichment Enterprises with Louise Degenaar

26/10/2000 Karuna Ki Master from the above mentioned

August 2001   Life Line enrichment and counseling course

08/08/2001      First Aid level 1 from Baymed

4/08/2001 Qualified as Postural Integration Therapist from the International Centre for release and integration ( 3 years modality )Mill Valley California
Beverly Wilkinson, Martyne (Painter) Viens, Jack Painter

Leonie Mare is a certified Postural Integration (PI) Facilitator, governed by the International Council of Psycho-corporal Trainers ICPIT), under the auspices of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP).

31/08/2001 Touch For Health  ( TFH ) Synthesis from the International Kinesiology College, Switzerland, Buchberg.Instructor, Leon Mattheus

03/08/2003 Energetic Practitioner from the Possibilities vocational school in energy interference patterning of the DNA. Instructor, Ada Porat  (USA)

April 2004

Rapid Healing evolved soul activation, using sacred geometry & theta healing Ada Porat

July 2004 Attended an Advanced Training in Postural Integration from 22 – 26th  July in Johannesburg under International Trainer Beverley Wilkinson.(This course can only be attended by qualified PI therapists and we are blessed indeed to be able to attend such an in-depth course here in South Africa)

August 2008   Qualified as Thai Traditional Massage Practioner with Jean Moore

I am affiliated to COCHASA and a member of the PI Association of SA

I offer ongoing Reiki courses, Karuna Ki courses. I am a Thai massage Trainer and trained many modalities of Thai foot massage and Thai head neck and shoulders

2011 became a Oneness Blessing giver

I offer meditation classes


About Myself

I was born in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa on 28th July 1951 and matriculated there too, at an Afrikaans school with all the needed scientific studies to go to university. I am Afrikaans speaking and fluent in English and have German as a 3rd language

My Mother passed away peacefully in February 2007 after a short illness. My Father followed in April 2008

My bodily challenge is scoliosis

I did intense self empowerment modalities

I am self-sufficient and have a successful private practice in Pretoria and Howick (KZN) as a Postural Integration Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, Reiki Karuna Ki Master, Healer and Teacher

I am a rather private person but my friends are my jewels and bless them all

I meditate regularly

I gym and walk for fitness

I adore my home and space

I am very interested in sporting events

Life is my teacher

The only 2 events that upset me sometimes are my daughter when upset and my PC not behaving and cell phone upgrades

I love nature but do not like camping and so on
Work and books that Influences my thinking, therapy and my life in general
Deepak Chopra, anything I can get my eyes to

Osho: From medication to meditation

Vibrational medicine, Gerber

Energy Medicine, Oschman

The work and books of Dr Arthur Janov on Primal Therapy

All body mind books

The brain…….

Food and healthy eating