From time to time I will launch interactive educational self improvement workshops.

These will normally be in groups of 4, up to 10 or more.

Here is what’s coming up right now

Why not come along  and dance with me?

Body Mind Ah Ha ??

Become the Master of your Emotions:

Six series of morning workshops: “The Dance of life”

Using Body, Heart Mind technique:

The Body heart mind method looks at the human being from the physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive levels

Part 1             Understanding the dance

  •           First workshop     Body, Heart, Mind technique explained

Pain and Joy: Hope and Anger

Part 2            Mastering the dance

Dealing with a whole range of emotions and their opposites using breath, movement and hand gestures

  •          Second workshop     Fear and Loneliness

  •          Third workshop         Inadequacy,  Crisis, Hatred,

  •          Fourth workshop      Judgement, Rejection, Depression

  •          Fifth workshop          Grief, Guilt and Jealousy

Part 3           Beyond the dance

  •         Sixth workshop   The power of the Heart:

Joy, Forgiveness, hope and freedom

deep tissue massage