We pray for the one we whom we touch
that he/she will be happy and that any illness will be released from him/her

Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, reflexology and yogic exercises, also gentle stretching, which manipulates the energy lines and so diminishes tension, stimulates metabolism and creates a feeling of wellbeing and vitality.
Unlike some other therapies, you will feel refreshed and energized after a Thai massage, rather than sedated and lethargic.
It is accurate to think of Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage as body manipulation such as Rolfing, Alexander Technique, Shiatsu, Postural Integration and others.
Yet Nuad Bo-Rarn stands apart from these as an unique tradition
Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai massage has its roots in the ancient medicine of Indian Ayer Vedic practice. The influence of Yoga is also apparent from the positions and stretching movements. The whole experience is done on a mat on the floor, while the receiver is fully clothed, wearing loose comfortable clothing. Traditionally no oils are used.
The joints are stretched and opened in a ‘negotiable’ quality and the bodies of the practitioner and client seek to glide and flow in a common movement. This is a form of energy medicine.
All you have to do is lie back and close your eyes. It is a truly spiritual experience and is not unusual for people to fall asleep while receiving this wonderful form of relaxation
through invigorating and intensely stimulating treatment.

This type of massage is suitable for every person, from infant to great grandparent, hyperactive toddler to stressed parents. The weary traveller, the businessman or woman, the pregnant woman and the athlete . Every massage is adapted to suit the individual.
Various courses for Thai massage in Pretoria and Thai massage in KZN are offered from time to time
Why is Thai traditional massage considered as “The lazy mans yoga” ? – because it helps stretch muscles and brings many benefits like going to a yoga class without any exertion.

THAI MASSAGE is extremely helpful to relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension . It increases flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, helping the bodies natural energy to flow more freely.